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    Boost Bonding and Important Child Development:

    Connect with baby and rock your personal style with colorful, beautiful and beneficial Hip Baby Wrap!

    Keep baby Secure, Calm and Comfortable while enhancing his or her development with Hip Baby Wrap—the amazingly stylish wraps and nursing ponchos that are breathable, soft and beautiful!

    Regarded as one of the best ways to enhance parent-baby bonding time and foster positive child development, baby wraps provide a safe, soft and comfortable bonding experience for the most important person in a parent’s world…their baby!

    With a strong belief in the benefits of babywearing, raising happy connected babies is the Hip Baby Wrap goal. Both the wraps and ponchos are easy to use, fashionable and extremely comfortable while helping promote positive physical, mental and emotional development for baby.

    Hip Baby Wraps are beautifully woven, light weight wraps that provide breathable and soft comfort for both baby and parent. Individually handmade of 100% cotton and non-toxic dyes, these wonderfully vibrant and stylish wraps provide quality strength and durability, but with more air flow, more stunning color and less bulk than other wraps on the market. Plus, with a variety of color options to choose from, and a reasonable price point, stylish moms can look and feel beautiful with a wrap to coordinate with every outfit.

    Offering comfort, style and privacy while on-the-go with baby, Hip Baby Wrap’s chic nursing poncho is the ultimate necessity for any fashionable, nursing mother. Featuring six fun and modern color options, amazingly soft woven cotton, and light-weight breathability, this stylish poncho not only brings a stunning pop of color, but keeps mom and baby cool and comfy. And because it slips over the head and rests on the shoulders like a poncho, there’s no fumbling around or shifting to ensure adequate privacy.

    Believed by doctors to be an ideal setting for learning, baby wearing and nursing nurture baby to live in a quiet and alert state. When baby can see the world from where their parents do (rather than from far below in a stroller) their senses are stimulated and their attention is engaged all while feeling safe and secure. Not only does this extra stimulation benefit brain development but baby quickly develops a sense of security and trust when carried close in a baby wrap.

    In fact, some research has shown that babies who are carried cry less on average than babies that are not, particularly in the evening hours meaning more rest for parents and baby alike. Plus, with baby close by they are always available for spontaneous snuggling, kissing or talking.

    A busy mother herself, founder Jeannie Levedahl knows how convenient and meaningful a baby wrap can be. However, constantly wearing the same wrap left her searching for beautiful and more affordable wraps without success. Loving to coordinate her baby wrap with her outfits, Jeannie began making her own and soon received requests for orders—Hip Baby Wrap was born. Now parents and caregivers can enjoy beautiful, fashionable, fun and quality woven wraps at an affordable price.